Expat information – What is it worth?

One thing you realise overtime is the value of expat information generally falls into two categories priceless and worthless. The big problem as a newcomer to a location is realising which category the people you are talking to fall into. The thing is never part with cash, if you hear from several people an expat is helpful and useful he/she probably is. A lot of people are a bit nieve putting a lot of trust onto people they don’t know to well but in a foreign country a benefit of the debt. There are scammers out there within the communities which can rip you off for property, services or just bad or poor advice. But there is also the gems who will likely help you out in everyway they can. I have experienced both over the last couple of years and from completely different levels of use and helpfulness. The biggest issue I have had though is knowing some people feeding out information who simply know very little facts about certain things or are very out of date. There are other issues regarding such things as the Legacy group but I’m not 100% of the people involved in it how much they knew the way the business operated. Either way my best advice i can offer is take your time..