Expat business network

In the time ive been in Cebu its one of the most frustrating things I have found within the expat community is the fact the majority of people dont help each other. The majority of businesses in the UK which were revitalised and taken over by Asians such as restaurants and shops are successful where a lot of the general populous failed simply because Asian culture works as family units aswell as interlinking business groups to help themselves compete. Currently its something severely lacking within the expats. Im not talking about the retired as generally most arent interested in a new venture but at the same time many are bored with too much time on their hands wouldnt it be better to link up with the experience and knowledge from those decades back in home countries to find a better use for it than complaining? My background is mainly from the following sectors :-

1. Woodworking.

2. Maintenance+Surveying.

3. Electronics.

4. Business management and development.

Lately I have been looking at new ideas and ventures and I know many need more than just what I know and have financially available and no doubt there are a lot of people out there with similar problems. But even if your business is already operating wouldnt it make sense if your a restaurant for example to buy as a Co-op with other restaurants things like meat products and rice etc?