Ex-Police Multi-Threat Body Armour (bullets & knives) – £150 EACH


• Multi-threat body armour – protection against both bullets and knives
• 2 body armour versions – covert (worn over clothing) or overt (under clothing)
Colours – Black (overt)
White (covert)
Size – Medium to XX Large
This body armour consists of a multi-layer protection pack.
The ballistic protection consists of layers of aramid fabric.
These materials are designed to disperse the energy of the bullet through the layers of the material, thereby preventing penetration of the bullet.
A ballistic component alone does not give protection against a stabbing knife attack.
The knife protection is provided by the incorporation of a special metallic element.
Significant development has gone into achieving a flexible garment with these protective inserts. When combined with the ballistic materials they reduce the ability of a sharp edged implement to penetrate the body armour.
This body armour will give protection against the vast majority of knife and firearm threats, including all weapons up to and including 9mm and .357 Magnum handguns.
Research has shown that few knives are capable of penetrating this body armour.
This armour will stop all slashing type attacks. It will also provide protection against such items as broken bottles.
Please Note –
This body armour is not designed to give 100% protection against every conceivable knife and firearm, such armour does not exist.
This body armour will not stop high velocity rifle bullets.
Whilst some commercial shotgun rounds will be stopped, significant injury may still occur due to the high energy of these rounds “pushing” the armour into the body.
Some ultra sharp implements at high energy, (as wielded by a frenzied attacker), may penetrate the armour, but their effectiveness and depth of penetration will be reduced by the vest.

It is important to remember that no body armour can guarantee your complete safety.
Body armour must not be folded or creased, either in storage or transportation.
Permenant creases can impair the ballistic properties of the armour.

If a bullet hits body armour, some of the energy is dissipated over an area of the body behind the armour. This may cause severe bruising and is known as ‘blunt trauma’. More flexible body armours tend to allow a greater degree of blunt trauma. Although there is considerable debate as to the need to protect against blunt trauma, and indeed, how much blunt trauma is reasonable, there is no evidence of fatality from blunt trauma alone. Appropriate first aid and medical care can reduce the after effects and speed up recovery – for this reason an injury in this way must receive prompt medical attention.
The body armour is adjustable at the waist, and should not be worn too tightly. If wearing the armour covertly, ensure that there are no harsh lines showing through your clothing, if there are then adjust the armour.
Note: The armour will soon mould to your own body.
It is not necessary to wear a tee shirt under the body armour as sweat management systems have been built into the armour, although you may choose to do so if you wish.
One of the most important aspects of body armour is personal hygiene and the cleanliness of the armour. Ensure that after use, especially if worn covertly, the covers should be regularly removed and laundered and the protective inserts should be aired. If damp through perspiration and/or rain, allow the armour to dry. If necessary they can be wiped down with a damp cloth using mild soapy water.
Do not wash the protective panels in a washing machine.
LAUNDERING – covers only
The cover of your vest can be washed or dry cleaned, please pay attention to the laundering symbols on the care labels sewn into the cover.
The protective inserts must be removed before laundering your body armour cover. Access is gained to these inserts by opening the zips found on the bottom of both the front and back sections of the body armour cover. Please take care when removing these inserts so as not to unnecessarily bend or crease them.
The outer cover should be washed in accordance with the instructions on the manufacturer’s label.
It is also recommended to wash or dry-clean the body armour cover with all touch & close fastenings and zips closed.
The body armour must not be allowed to crumple or crease. A permanent crease can affect the ballistic protection levels of your armour. The body armour should be stored flat or upright.
Aramid fabrics from which your body armour is constructed will lose some of their protective properties if they are totally immersed in water until saturated. The effects of rain and sweat under routine operational duties are insufficient to totally saturate the protection panels. The aramids within the body armour have had a water repellancy treatment and the panels are contained in a waterproof fabric cover to prevent water entering the protection panels.
The knife protection is not compromised by water or sweat.
As with all additional layers of clothing, wearing body armour will insulate the body and therefore wearing the armour may increase your body temperature. During hot weather this additional insulation may result in some discomfort. You must be aware of your body temperature, natural humidity and the type of activitie you are carrying out. Ensure that you are not wearing too many layers of other clothing. Heat exhaustion is caused by fluid loss and in order to stop the effects of this, you must replace the lost fluid and lower your body temperature.

0 comments for “Ex-Police Multi-Threat Body Armour (bullets & knives) – £150 EACH

  1. tom
    August 2, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    Hey want to try it vs my Claymore? 😎  I just had it sharpened. I never leave home without it.

    Seriously. Very interesting. It says at the top Ex police. Are these used? Does that affect their protective capabilities?

  2. TropicalPenpals
    August 3, 2009 at 5:23 am

    These will be good quality. When they say used its more to do with shelf life in the UK there is an obsessive compulsion in the UK to replace everything after a period of time. If your thinking why would I need this it isnt practical to wear etc etc. Then this might make your mind up 🙂 the reason I am looking at these is not for day to day shopping etc. but for home protection if a buglary is in  progress it gives you a bit of extra protection while you deal with the situation. Lets face it if a robbery takes place your going to be relying on what is in the house and neighbours more than any Police. At least  until an alarm is fully raised.

  3. tom
    August 7, 2009 at 4:04 am

    Maybe I should loan you my claymore. They would sure re evaluate their machete attack if they saw you with 4 feet of razor sharp steel. 😎  I was just wondering what they ment by used. If it had a bunch of holes in it already that would certainly lower my morale.

    I have been giving some thought along those lines myself. The best home defense with out a gun. There are a number of possibilities. Some protection might not be a bad idea either.

  4. TropicalPenpals
    August 7, 2009 at 6:30 am

    will be very good condition. Used just means its got up to its issue date and then its been changed for a new one. I doubt there are any defects on these at all.