Ewe’s Visit To A Friends Party

Ewe and Me

We haven’t been to many parties lately but it was nice to get the break and head over to one of Aprils friends in Mandaue for their daughters party. Were also lucky enough to hitch a ride with another friend and her husband which saved the hassle of taxi’s.

One thing we have been noticing with Ewe is his ability to eat anything without fuss. Zoei on the other hand will check a piece of chicken for sauce and quickly dismiss it, well anything on a piece of chicken,bread or some other dried food as generally her favourites are dry flavourless foods. Ewe on the other hand was munching away at the party on anything he was offered. Last night it was melon which is another story as I asked for Pomelo (Grapefruit) and it seems the green grocer heard “melon”. Was disappointed when I got home after looking forward to the tasty fresh fruit to find the melon had taken its place.

Ewe eating chicken Ewe eating chicken Ewe eating chicken