evangelist shot dead for witchcraft in the Philippines

May seem a bit of a crazy story when you read it but these things are common in many parts of the world where the Evangelists have started to form up churches in this case its literally caused the death of the pastor but in other countries it sees people burning,starving and murdering children all because the local pastor said they are possessed by demons.

Two men shot dead on Friday Bianita Merced, 57 who was a practicing evangelist pastor. The reason behind the killing related to some of her neighbours claiming she practiced witchcraft. The allegations started after a land dispute Bianita had with a former village chairman that died. Before the death though a herbal healer (albularyo) had been called that stated that an “invisible power” was the cause and likely to be the work of a witch.

The two gunmen approached Bianita while she watched a basketball game in her home village, shooting her twice to the neck causing instant death. The victims son explained “Everyone in the village has suspected my mother to be a witch,were baseless and had destroyed the integrity of my mother, our family, and our Church".

Another pastor at the same church Nancy Hinosa believed the minister had ‘power that comes from God’

“She was able to heal sick people but not through the use of a witchcraft. Her power to heal came from our Almighty. I am so sure of that," said Hinosa.

Can’t really add my thoughts on it for the simple reason those that understand them know already and those who would think I am unfair or narrow minded as I don’t believe in “miracles” or “the work of god” would disagree and those who can look at this as I do thinking madness are completely opposite ends of the spectrum. So will just say if looking to do miracles and tell people your can perform them be aware that if someone dies your just as likely to be killed as seen as a saviour. Play with peoples minds and these things happen.