Evan Iliadis Matt Wilkie’s cyber stalker

Evan Iliadis is a guy who stalks on the internet Philippines expats. He has stalked Matt Wilkie, Guenther Vomberg, Chris Bennetts and many more. A guy who was unsuccessful in the Philippines but blames the world for his downfall.

I can honestly say i don’t hate the guy, don’t care about the guy but i do care about the negative impact he has on others. He is so obsessed with trying to cause damage. A deep bitterness within that seems driven out of failure of his retirement and life in the Philippines.

Now I have seen this type of thing before on forums where people have left the country then stayed on the forums as they have a love hate relationship with the Philippines. Yet at the same time just can’t let go as the ultimate thing for them is to be actually able to afford to live in the Philippines.

Evan Iliadis takes the time to target not only successful people in the Philippines in the expat community but also simply people he falls out on forums as he creates content people don’t want on the forums. The sort of thing that either makes forums over 18 or content designed to inflame arguments on purpose.

100% trolling no matter how you look at it and its just interesting that I believe he’s done this since 2005 and to this day seems his full-time occupation. Sad to say.