Escaping to the Philippines for a month

With the economic climate still uncertain and the unrest in the middle east its pretty much a great time to disappear for a while and let the chaos sort itself out without you having to even listen to it. Heading off to the Philippines backpacking or touring is a perfect way to escape the media madness and simply switch off to it all. An important part of this is not logging in to Western websites and avoiding cable/satellite television when here. Pretty much everything else is local news and the sort of news that isn’t worth watching leaving you to concentrate on enjoying your tour around the Philippines.

Escaping to the Philippines for a month may seem a mad idea at first but I am finding more and more people arriving here for 6 months to 1 year simply dropping off the planet looking for a new life. For a lot of people its too much of a big change in one hit where not only budgets are important but also anything you may need to send in advance of your long-term plan. Having a trip here for a month initially would allow travelling around to find a place your happy with to decide if the Philippines is even for you as more often than not if wanting to do business other countries do offer better foreigner relations as well as a lot less corruption.

I would advise doing Manila, Davao and Cebu to get a wider look at the country but also because on each island spending a week or two you can travel around and see the differences in culture, climate and infrastructure. There is a region far north which is a place similar in climate and looks to European islands for which if you do get time is well worth visiting as it seems to contrast against everything else.

One thing for sure though is that escaping to the Philippines for a month will regenerate you for things going on back in the West as well as give a better perspective on life and how the latest gadgets and toys aren’t that important in life to enjoy it.