Escaping to the Philippines foe the divorcee

I’ve come across many people who all have things in common. One of the major issues they have come across which forced them from home countries was the bias divorce. In western culture it seems that the woman in the relationship should always come out ahead, taking the house and virtually all the capital that went into the relationship in the first place. Which then leaves a guy that has virtually no capital and an ex who holds them on a tight leash for maintenance and child support. Why does it drive people abroad? Because they have been robbed of they’re life. Many people have marital relationship breakdowns for reasons that aren’t their own but in the court of law the woman is always the wounded. The guy the villain and odds will always stack against. So why come to the Philippines? Because your free.. the divorcee cannot be forced into payments that are unrealistic and controlling. They are free to do as they please within the Philippines at least for the time being. But being realistic giving a guy enough space to manoeuvre gives him the chance to rebuild his life and even an ex can prosper when the income has stabilized but in the real world I have yet to see a court or ex see that way. I’ve also yet to see an ex who can honestly say they are happy that their old partner is doing well and living out his life in the Sun. Either way I think either the law has to change or women have to expect that a lot of the guys are having enough of it and heading East for a new life. In some cases people don’t think that far ahead and commit suicide. The 60s and 70s gave a lot of freedom to people in the West but it also took away a lot of rights. I’m all for equality and currently something that is missing in western society and to be honest it will be its downfall. The family unit no longer functions in the West as it once did. What has the 2 income family really achieved except dysfunctional children and an unhappy marriage?

So if your divorced and looking for a new life the Philippines can give it to you on a plate. A country that will welcome you and offers an ability to rebuild a life. It’s not all black and white like the West where turning up to work for 40hrs a week is the norm that’s for sure. A bit of thought and being diverse is the thing for the working. If you have a pension then you should be fine as you can adapt to a cheaper lifestyle but better standard of living.