Escaping the UK to the Philippines.

As we enter over a year and a half of marriage I look at why and how we can survive as a family but also how others can join us. The UK has taken a nose dive and unlikely to change until the current government is voted out. BUT if you can create an income of around £6000+ a year you could be living in the Philippines happily at least 6 months a year above the £6,000 and a bit of thought you could develop business. Asia is the new world and where business is developing at a huge rate. Currently world economies are based on the United States and other western countries but the truth is they are losing the grip on control and the ability to succeed as major powers. Why? because there has been socialism sweeping into the UK and the US which in a recession creates more bad than good. So how do you make the transition from a British subject to a retired subject in the Philippines? Simply the first thing is finding a partner with simple views on life and one that is geared for business. But obviously you need to be a real couple rather than what a lot of people find which is a foreigner with cash and a pinay needing help. Takes time but most women of the Philippines are not only loyal but will help you as a unit where possible. Over the time you spend together you can discuss business ideas and the new world can develop. The Philippines is starved of investment and as a foreign national who is prepared to invest a little and give a bit of trust to a partner in life you can develop a new life. You should base things on a 5 year plan. If you can earn £6000+ a year to take back to the Philippines business will progress and the key is keeping costs down to a minimum don’t buy what you don’t need and if possible buy what you can only on business. For us I gave up my £16,000 Volvo and all other western expenses changing from eating out to making my own meals and also abandoning an expensive mortgage to rent instead. If you own the house this gives you another option which is to rent out spare rooms and when in the Philippines the whole house. Why? because with a bit of searching around you can get a good apartment in the Philippines for around £30 a month its all down to limiting your expenses and maximising your income.