Enjoying making the YouTube videos on the Philippines.

I have been enjoying making the videos for YouTube on life in the Philippines. To the point I wish I had done it a lot sooner but I am still investing in camera equipment for improving the quality as well.

The feedback has also been overwhelming as well as a lot of things that haven’t been shared in public where people have asked for help. But also I find bringing things to the front on topics a lot of people avoid or blinker from raises the right questions. As the journey to a life in the Philippines is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly at the same time can be a complete release from the bindings of the West and a whole new world.

TMatt Wilkie In Sheffield - photo copyright of Matt Wilkiehe hard bit is being away from the Philippines and Spain lately with work .Which brings up another topic for those wanting help on moving to Europe please feel free to get in touch. But also I have quit work beginning next month to concentrate on time with my family as well as take a look at options of long-term living in Spain without the reliance on my UK work.

Which I want to make clear to people that things only change if you make it happen. As there is always reasons not to do something. Here I am looking to make the changes so I can be in Spain permanently or anywhere else in the world. As we have still got our Philippines incomes to the point we can be in the Philippines permanently but Spain there is a lot more to do. Buying a property, camper van etc. for touring Europe are outside the sustainable budget. Yes I could go and spend some of the money I saved up this year. At the same time that is banked for a reason and shouldn’t be touched. So from next weekend will be sat in Spain after being away from home for 2 months. With the first thoughts of getting the kids into the first week of school, followed by time with April before starting to look at progressing our finances.

Will need to look at scheduling the YouTube videos for the Philippines as well as I think there will be a flurry of activity when I get back. Could easily be 30 – 40 videos put together as this is the first time in a long time I am actually going to take a bit of a timeout. No need to concentrate on my UK work. Which makes me more proactive on things I would have liked to have been doing throughout the year.