End Of TropicalPenpals When We Go To UK?

In a single word “no” the blog is only part of life in the Philippines yet life will continue on with various people we know and I have a keen interest in how things develop for them. On top of that I will also be looking to develop more business projects with funding from the UK as simply within the Philippines the restrictions and headaches of doing things are too much on a regular basis to make it worth my while. If you put it just into monetary terms where we earn around P70,000+ per month we can see general expenditure being around P30,000 + food + transportation + business development. Don’t know about you but P20,000 – P30,000 as a realistic spare income isn’t enough for the ventures worth investing in. The Philippines is based around money and small businesses are starved of finances on purpose to keep people in the same pecking order. But in the UK even after taking on another house and all the bills as well we are looking at P84,000 income a month spare while in the Philippines at least P30,000 spare as the food bill wouldn’t exist, also cancelling of the rental apartment we have and moving our stuff into one of our own developments. Its a lot easier to do things with P104,000 a month as spare income and on top of that the small businesses we have in the Philippines will continue to grow.

What does this mean long term? Firstly I have a friend looking to get into business with me and someone I can trust 100% (no horror stories waiting to happen!). He’s hard working and keen to develop business round some of the skills we have already developed and its for this reason I will be developing the business ventures with him as I know he is capable of doing it as well as not looking to go abroad. Well lets face it if he can earn P40,000+ a month within the next two years from developing the businesses why would he need to go abroad to work?

A new venture that was operated previously by friends of ours is also looking to develop and something I don’t mind canvassing for in the UK. Quality shell and bead jewellery is something that is a bit of a niche at the same time I will be able to develop the venture more easily amongst people interested in the purchases as well as take a look at what they want to buy. Can’t be done from within the Philippines and this will help develop a business here in the Philippines creating jobs while abroad an extra income as a distributor and wholesaler. Same goes for bags, not Chinese Prada copies but high quality hand woven bags that can be marketed as quality over Chinese tat. To be honest there are so many business contacts I made here in the Philippines I am sure I can cross build business ventures in the UK to work together and everyone will be happy. Many of the business people I associate with in the UK have never traded with the Philippines islands where many people I know in the Philippines are clueless when it comes to marketing, never mind international marketing. At the same time this isn’t just for Filipinos I know as I know many skilled people within the Expat community struggle to generate new business this far from home. If you have a business idea or venture drop me an email as it may work to our mutual benefit in the future. Won’t be quick paced but hopefully the links built over time will be life long.

On top of this I am looking for web developers that can be utilized for another project I am looking to do. Not a case I can’t do it more the fact is once I start working in the UK again its cost affective to Sub contract it to people back in the Philippines as long as they are RELIABLE. This goes for anything if you can’t answer the phone when called, take days off without warning or don’t deliver on time then don’t contact me! I can’t say it more clear than this as its unacceptable to me and more importantly will be unacceptable to clients in the UK. We are looking to highlight the ability of the Philippines and that means professionalism on an international stage not “its fiesta so we didn’t work today”.

Anyway also have to point out that I WON’T be going back to the UK for at least 2 months as we have things on going here but would also say any writers out there wanting to fill in on the Philippines when I am abroad are welcome to join into TropicalPenpals.com. I know several people complain they don’t get a lot of readers on their blogs but its down to one thing, nobody knows its there! can spend ages on SEO if you want and backlinks etc. or just start writing here its up to you. Opening up a Sub domain in TP or even writing into /blog your welcome to do so as this project isn’t one that finishes but continuously develops.

From our point of view as well the progression from Philippines to UK will also be documented on TropicalPenpals.com so people can get an idea of how to process and the things we come across with life in the UK.

This is a new chapter in TropicalPenpals.com that is only going to add new direction and more interesting topics, one thing is for sure its not the end.

If you do have an international business or export business looking to develop trade to the UK then please get in contact as I am always keen to help and create jobs.

4 comments for “End Of TropicalPenpals When We Go To UK?

  1. Aaron
    August 30, 2011 at 8:25 am

    Hi Matt,

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now. Being a young guy living in the Philippines for 3 years, it’s much like reading my recent life story. You’re an interesting writer with a unique perspective on things. Best of luck on your move.


    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      August 30, 2011 at 8:54 am

      Hi Aaron,
      thanks for the feedback. Problem is a lot of the stuff is the problems most people face on a regular basis which really slows down progress. Best people I know making a good life out here work abroad and live here. E.g. oil workers and contractors who come here when work is quiet. Bit of a tax haven as well as cheap living.

  2. Aaron
    August 30, 2011 at 9:22 am

    I agree. Having the ability to move freely between the UK and PI allows one to take advantage of the strengths of both countries. You’ve laid a foundation here that you can definitely build on and you’re light years ahead of competitors when operating internationally.

    I was in the mortgage game from 1995 to 2008 and if I could step back in time, I would have built my business around a PI call center and hired out dozens of loan officers, and handed off the leads for free. My point is that more opportunities will present in the future, and we’ll be able to step back and see a little more of the bigger picture, having experienced what we have.

    As I see it, I might not always live here in the PI, but I’ve planted roots. It’ll always be a part of me wherever I go (good and bad) and I’ll likely come and go for the rest of my life. I grew up as a Marine Corps kid so I’m not one to stay in one place for too long.

  3. August 30, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    Hi Aaron,
    right on the money. We have buildings here already as well as a basic foundation for operating. At the same time utilizing people you come across struggling to get those international links even as a middle man it can become profitable without too much effort. For example taking the jewellery business to the coastline of the UK where it would sell easily. People don’t want to pay much for things on holiday but some nice shell craft and bead work jewellery is cheap,fashionable and even if it doesn’t last it doesn’t matter as long as it lasts the holiday. On top of that the call centre setup you talk of is something that can be operated from one or multiple locations to bring in new business at very little cost for new lead generation. Todays markets is not mortgages its debt consolidation as well as bankrupt processing for people. Doing the legal side of things for them to remove the stress. In the UK I know someone who does the process for £500 per client and she will spend days in court but processing many people at the same time. The game has changed but the viability to make money is all about adapting to the climate. Im also from a military family spent most of my childhood travelling so like you roots are easy to move to where needed.