Email hacked

Now before people start talking conspiracy theory its nothing to do with Obama, Osama stuff and to be honest if it was I would still be posting this and actually stating which people had done it. But in all honesty it was a group of so called hackers out of Silicone Valley. How did I know that? firstly they accessed emails that don’t actually hold anything as generally I don’t keep anything online anyway after the Skype robbery by Nigerians. But here’s the thing the internet is becoming more paranoid over time as we introduce new technologies to countries like Nigeria crime on the internet has also increased so companies online are having to react with the ever growing form of internet security breaches. One of the most simple ones for email mind is I only access from one IP address which isn’t as easy to find as a password. So when they breached the security into my email they also left and IP trail that led back to Mountain view, Silicone valley on top of that a specific location where a hacking group meets up. As I don’t see them as any threat to myself I personally would just like to say they failed.. If I was something important I am sure they would all be sitting behind bars right now wondering what to do. If your going to breach peoples security spend a few dollars on an IP cloak!

For any future hackers out there wanting into my email there is nothing in there!