Ellah Joy murder case–update on Pajero held by Police in Cebu

There were allegations of tampering with the number plate of the vehicle by police for which the PNP are denying.

WE DID not tamper with the license plate. Sr. Supt. Patrocinio Comendador, spokesman of Task Force Ellah Joy, yesterday issued the denial and said the accusation against the police was “unfair.”

The vehicle was impounded by the PNP and has been held why still under investigation. The reason the number plate issue occurred is still unknown but the appearance that a letter had been scratched out to change it from an “M” to a “H” is the prime reason for the allegation to be raised. The original registration was LMJ 382.

The police have also handed over several other items that are owned by the woman who owns the Pajero to the court as they currently didn’t have them under the original search warrant by order of Regional Trial Court Judge Meinrado Paredes. Among the seized items now with the court are a bed sheet with what may be bloodstain, sex toys, hair strands as well as empty porn compact disc cases.

Lucky for the owner of the vehicle the barangay captain Nestor Tablate and several neighbours of the owner of the Pajero dismissed the police denial of the tampering. The barangay captain as well as other people had witnessed the search warrant at the time and the captain explained “I saw it for myself that there were no scratches or changes made on the license plate. My flashlight was well-beamed. It was LM not LH” he said.

A person identified as Elizabeth Rabaya as well as several other people gathered signatures in condemning the alleged number plate tampering. She explained that she couldn’t see the Pajero woman and her boyfriend committing this crime and that they were good to her and others. Also the fact that on Feb 8th the day of Ellah Joy’s abduction they were due to leave the country but left the next day the same day Ellah’s body was found at Sayaw, Barili.