Ellah Joy Murder Case In Minglanilla Is Griffiths Innocent?

I remember when the murder happened as we live not far from where the initial kidnapping and how quickly the media speculated,fabricated or whatever you want to call it things in relation to the case for personal promotion of their  newspapers, radio stations etc. etc. Because initially I was looking to help where possible by updating things onto the internet to find that contradicting things appeared by different media groups reporting stuff that simply wasn’t true but at the time who is lying and who actually had some facts?

I think this is part of the problem in the Ellah Joy case in general because stories here spin and spin with bits being added as they go in a Chinese whisper fashion that no doubt when the police investigation started it was a case of sifting through a lot of misinformation before they could even start which is likely to have hampered the chances of catching the culprits. But at the same time why is it the stories never get followed up either?

See I can understand leading into a story but like to follow things through to the end but I have a feeling with the way this case has been bundled against Griffiths in what appears to be a lack of facts and information as well that not only have they damaged someone’s reputation and career they have also falsely jailed his girlfriend without evidence.

There are key reasons I am interested in the case and seeing how things pan out but no doubt Griffiths not being in the country has allowed him to have a proper legal team as his reputation has been damaged in the UK thanks to the local media there who will happily print such stories if they can lead off someone else to stop them being sued in a libel case which obviously with the Philippines media pushing all sorts of things in the press meant the UK media could have a field day and use the newspapers here as they’re source. If and when the case is finally thrown out are we likely to see some reprisals for the media?

Another key reason is how everything has been handled up to now and what will happen when the case gets blown open as fabricated or lacking in evidence as things go back to square one yet who’s head is on the block for wasting all these resources on the wrong people which has no doubt stopped further investigation into others?

The other side of this is how easy someone was arrested and was instantly guilty without even having the case heard yet. Have heard of similar stories relating to other expat cases but sometimes you do wonder how some people get into some of the stuff they do, but this one just doesn’t seem to sit right or make any sense.

But seeing this case finally being dealt with may also let people think twice before being quick to convict without even letting the ink dry on a set court date. Besides all of this the case may drop cold completely due to the time span of the case and pretty much it seems no investigation is being done to cover any other angles leaving the case unsolved, no justice for the victim and the risk of it happening again.

1 comment for “Ellah Joy Murder Case In Minglanilla Is Griffiths Innocent?

  1. LloydChumbley
    December 28, 2011 at 5:55 am

    Of course he’s guilty in Filipino eyes he’s got that damn horrible white skin!! White man’s burden i think you Europeans call it but at the same time its what happens if something goes sour in the Philippines the witch hunt begins!