Electronic Gremlins In The Philippines

Recently we have been suffering with various problems electronic related everything from the Smart Bro internet connection to the routers switched each other off to today where I was typing away and the server decided to give up the ghost with the hard drive.

Some of these problems exist because a lot of the electronics are fake or copies of originals but other issues fall down to old technology being sold as new and the electrical spiking issues in the Philippines that kill a lot of equipment.

Interesting thing is you seem to get used to it over time but when I first arrived I would expect a hard drive to last 5 years or more same as the UK but I have 3 sat here that didn’t last 12 months due to climate and a good chance they are inferior quality copies of branded drives. The importance with a lot of this stuff is to protect equipment where you can and avoid buying electronics here where possible. For example I have a Terabyte backup drive which is an original Fujitsu Siemens drive solid as a rock and everything of value goes on that so that if a machine goes down not all is lost. Did try the “load stuff onto the internet” as well but as I said before someone had deleted nearly 70 videos off my YouTube account whatever their reasons its obviously the act of someone with nothing better going on in their lives to keep them occupied.

Today though sees me sat here with three computers apart and one laptop as I will sit and work on the laptop while I repair the one computer then upgrade all three of them. Although running on XP is fairly stable they are all dual core machines and I find Windows 7 worth the effort to upgrade the computers as hopefully they will run a bit faster and smoother. Yes I did leave it a long time before upgrading simply because I like to see how the software performs and if it would cause me more problems than it was worth. In reality though the Windows 7 is a lot better and complete than XP in my opinion so will be a busy afternoon with a cup of coffee and listening to the neighbours messing around with their new boom box installed into the back of a pickup the joys of the Philippines!

A final note to add is its worth buying AVR (Auto Voltage Regulators) for your equipment as they will help to protect your various appliances and other electronic goods around the house. You can look to install one at your mains board for the whole house or just buy one for each appliance.