Electrical wiring in the Philippines

IMG_0366There is a right and wrong way to do most things. But in the East things are different from the West. Generally I go with mixing the two to get things done. Reason being there are many things I would like to implement but either there is no supplier or stock levels vary daily. Wiring in the Philippines is a prime example. Most things are wired in one colour of cable reason being that is the “stock” the supplier had that day.So if you had wiring done in blue one day tomorrow the rest might be done in White if they had to get more stock. I think what is happening is surplus is bought from factories which are producing for clients. E.g. someone orders 50,000 metres of white cable and 10% is added for any cables that fail quality tests. End result the 50,000 metres goes out and the excess is sold on at a cut price (as it was budgeted for within the original quote). It then arrives in the Philippines and sold at a premium price.

Now one thing that is very common is to run cable up plastic tube. Not sure if the idea is just to allow for a cavity to be created as in the UK generally we do it with a metal cap. One of the lessons  learned on this project is to get as much wiring in ahead of construction as possible. It saves so many problems later on when workers literally couldn’t care less that they concrete up the plastic as nobody will ever ask you “do you need this pipe?” you will find its disappeared into a concrete wall then having to dig it out and re concrete the section again once finished. Same for the carpentry as we told the carpenter to leave access open for the cables yet he went ahead and nailed everything so we then had to spend a lot of extra time getting the boards down carefully trying not to split the ply sheets. IMG_0365 Your probably wondering would I do it again with all the hassles? to be honest this is phase one of ongoing projects. I expect I will have these type of projects going on for at least the next 5 to 10 years. What I am hoping will happen though is I start to be able to trust people to do jobs. Most of the wiring on this project was done by me and my father in-law the next will no doubt be the same. It saves on money but also stops people taking shortcuts where you can’t see it but also with wiring I want it all done properly to reduce fire risks. IMG_0367

The electrics completed this morning. We originally had an electrician coming to do the final connections on the main board but I ended up doing the upstairs board and Paps added in the main feed to the downstairs board. Everything is working well and no doubt no electrical problems are going to develop because we done it ourselves. Most electrical connections are done by binding and tape before placing in a plastic junction box. Although there is no real risk of things being messed around with I brought out some connection blocks from the UK to make life easier and also you can form all the electrics up in a simple row instead of multiple taped connections. The big problem with me wiring the electrics was the fact I am a western size. Although we have access to the roof space via a hatch I am probably double the weight and to wide to get inside. So preparing for things like that are important as you may think you can do it all but it may be inaccessible for your size!