Electric tricycles a Philippines pollution solution or gimmick?

A driver stands amongst electric tricycles ...

In a speech given by president Aquino he mentioned that initially 20,000 of these vehicles will be implimented in the capital Manila before rolling out  more nationally. Initially the units will be replacing tricycles in minor road networks around the capital.

"I would like to see the day when nearly all public utility vehicles… run on alternative fuel, freeing the public transport sector and commuters from the threat of unreasonably high oil prices and unhealthy levels of air pollution."

Asian development bank who are initially funding the project have said vehicle pollution constitutes 30% to the Philippines annual pollution table. But more importantly in Manila the amount is actually 80% of all pollution within the capital is coming from vehicles.

Now personally I can understand the strong need for a solution to the pollution problem but one of the biggest problems the Philippines faces besides its pollution is power shortages all over the country on a regular basis so adding hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles to the power grids wouldn’t actually help but move to intensify other problems. Getting back to basics with things like population control and things like “Walking” yes walking! people here will stop a bus after its last stop 10ft away out of laziness same as getting a ride up to the doorstep where most people using public transport in the West will actually walk to their door from their bus/train stop. Doing this alone would take thousands of vehicles that are simply not needed off the road. Before people go but its taking jobs I would say where does the fuel come from and who is paying for it? The answer being its imported which means money is going abroad, the person riding the tricycle is earning their money locally and created a local job that is reliant on external sources. Its more important to create local jobs that aren’t reliant on external sources especially with the worlds reliance on oil moving away from it offers a more sustainable future not only in health sense but also the fact people are in other jobs that are “real” jobs that are needed instead of just wanted.