Eight Nigerians Arrested For Seeking Sexual Services With Minors In Malate Hotel

Eight Nigerians were found negotiating price for sexual services with a pimp "Emma Cruz” who escaped custody when the police raid happened. The girls were as young as BLANK and the arrest came about due to the mother of a 14 year old child being worried about her daughter. She had sent an email to Project Angel a Philippines anti child abuse website, requesting they rescue her daughter.

The Anti human trafficking officers arrived to find the suspects negotiating the price of services from the girls.

Arrested were Lucky Nelson, 24; Dumalo Gbue, 25; Yerebbari Neemana, 29; Owki Baknanawe, 29; Sundah Korobriowei Mathew, 29; Gabriel Tekena, 28; Worlo Enyi, 25; and Mark Jack, 24, all students residing at Manila Manor Hotel on Bocobo Street.

As of April 2011, there were still 300 pending cases on human trafficking, 99 others have been decided on or have been dismissed while 84 have been archived. The Supreme Court has given judges six months to decide these cases, Quezon City Judge Maria Filomena Singh told the conference.

Of 228 cases reported to the Department of Justice last year, 206 were filed in court but only eight were convicted in five cases for sex trafficking, including two who are still at large, Singh said.In 2011, there were 25 convictions including two for labor trafficking. Singh said the first labour trafficking conviction happened in February  involving the sale of two women as domestic helpers in Malaysia.

This is the other problem with convictions many don’t stick due to the issues of laws in the Philippines a constant problem for the Police. I discussed this previously with several PNP officers and it all comes down to one thing for a conviction “being caught in the act”. This is one of the most difficult things to obtain for obvious reasons, but even more so with seedy short time hotels that are purely geared towards sex. My question would be though as I haven’t seen this in the time I have been in the Philippines has anyone raided a short time hotel? I mean the entire hotel room by room searches to see who is there. If they are minors with an adult this another breach of Philippines law that could be used to obtain more information from minors to get a real conviction. I can’t believe raids on such establishments wouldn’t yield several arrests especially if in a red light area.

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  1. joe downey
    September 26, 2011 at 6:36 am

    Ermita and Malate is infested with the cockroaches sadly, i was there a couple of nights ago, they have virtually taken over the LA Cafe Ermita, i hope they rot in jail!