Egos and the Philippines

Every now and again something gets under my skin and although there are situations that crop up its not normally the local population that cause it. The main reason being is often people locally are culturally different so if offended by something I explain what the problem is and most of the time they didn’t know it was a problem but won’t do it again. I’m not talking about working practices as often many people locally have been taught for decades and suddenly told by a foreigner its wrong you will get a blank look as its the only way they know. Even if you taught them there is a good chance they will go back to what they know. But I can live with that its part of the culture, its part of the safety net. If someone picked up something new from me all the better but I don’t expect people to because I know there are things I will do time and time again and its part of life.. But what does bother me is the “experts” I keep coming across the older retiree or should I say expat? not sure as the ego thing seems to come from the ones that should have retired but are still working away. Not all before I get a hail of abuse but a select few who should “know better”. I was browsing through some sites today as I came across a good film maker who has done a lot of the tourism videos for the Philippines and interlinked them into TP as there is a good chance they would get missed by many readers otherwise. As I went through the different islands I came across one of the highest ranked sites (as I am browsing for anything of interest e.g. a water park etc.) and it actually had someone saying how great their site is.. how everything they do is professional and not like hobby photography etc. etc. no offence but if they were that good it wouldn’t need 41 adverts cluttering up one side of the site. Their “professional” site as they push it has half the pages missing and is loosely put together. Get off the high horse.. its a small website not a business empire..

Why does it irritate me? because its the worst in being a foreigner people assume we are all just as arrogant. He pushes his 1# ranking on search engines but does he even know why it is number one? Because its a small island with very little written on it. If you look at Cebu there is a huge amount of sites going on covering so many topics. As a friend said the other week it seems like Cebu is the centre of the internet universe as so much goes on here nearly everyone and their dog has at least a blog if not several aswell as interlinked in forums etc. Cebu is awash with websites. Which personally I think is good for the country and definitely good for Cebu as people will work harder to be #1 and have a better understanding of the internet and getting to a high ranking. Expert and professional are two words I don’t like hearing in any content because an acceptance of being “the best” especially here is normally far from the truth. I don’t call myself a professional blogger, I don’t call TP a professional site. It isn’t supposed to be. But what it is contains honest reviews, real life and a piece of us. If TP became a commercial enterprise where the importance was about the money instead of about the people US I would stop writing as I would feel I have sold us out. I have no issue about making a living from blogging but if it all comes down to cash its like sucking the life out of it. I feel sorry that site on one of the islands even exists as its missed the whole point.