Egg plants – Sustainable living in the Philippines

 egg plants - sustainable living in the Philippines

These Egg plants that are currently growing are fairly small in comparison to the ones that were on the larger plot next to the septic tank. Problem is those were already harvested and long gone (eaten) before I got any photos. Would have been good to see how many we got out of the Square metre maybe next harvest. Anyway the one with my hand is taken from 2 plants growing near the fence and are growing well. thing is like most things here once they are planted they can be left to their own devices as the soil and climate are great for growing most things. Only thing we generally have to watch for is green fly and snails. This is why I do grow things upside down to try and get round at least some of the snail issues. Adding copper round the plants or pots can stop snails at the same time I doubt it would stay there very long if I started putting copper strips round everything.

 egg plants - sustainable living in the Philippinesegg plants - sustainable living in the Philippines