Edgar Migrino Chatto – Governor of Bohol, Cebu, Philippines

I was browsing through videos tonight and came across this one. I wasn’t going to post it except that while watching it April mentioned that Edgar Chatto is a distant relative and that Jovie, Aprils sister had visited Balilihan as a child where the most memorable part of the visit was that Jovie got stung on the head by several bees that resulted in serious swelling.
On the positive side though Bees are also creating jobs on Bohol and I have heard that “bee therapy” is there although not sure who or where are doing it. The therapy involves bee stings and is currently something with around 5000 – 10,000 regular users in the U.S. using it as treatment for MS so I am not sure if it works or not and currently there isn’t enough data. But its an interesting thought if it does work although I am not keen on one sting never mind regular bouts of stings..