Eco tourism could it be the future for the Philippines?

A lot of the world is being driven by environment even if it doesn’t yet realise it. The current trend of weather changes, hiking of resources such as gas and oil when it suits the companies as well as the giant economic downturn that is going to get people looking at every coin coming into their hands all these things constitute a change in a way of peoples thinking.

A drive of people wanting to change the way they operate for their personal future as well as their future generations may be striving to generate changes that the Philippines could benefit from. But it needs to realise that it has one of the most volatile and rewarding eco systems on the planet if it takes care of it. The Eco awareness is growing and with it so shall tourism as well as funding to assist in projects of rebuilding things like damaged coral areas. We are aware that these things are not small projects and at the same time its projects that involve everyone not just the rich wanting to cash in but educating the fishermen and other communities that the damage they do is killing not only their industries but the development of new ones. There is a future for the Philippines if it learns to adapt to the new world and embraces its new methods to help rebuild the eco environment of its natural landscapes as well as its waterways and seas. In essence the future of the country could quite literally be in every persons hands in the country. Because the issue is the state of waterways and things like dynamite fishing and cyanide are common knowledge abroad. Educated people understand that much of the flooding in places such as Manila during bad weather is down to housing in the river beds and garbage stacked up blocking the waterways, man made problems that the nation has to start fixing instead of ignoring. In the eighties humanitarian aid was given blindly but as the worlds economies are changing and people like myself start to question the misguided funds given to NGO’s and large agencies need to stop and come under tight scrutiny as it changed from helping people to actually cashing in on the poor for personal benefit. I want to see an end of that in my life time and I want to see projects that get done actually work instead of just wasting money.

A harsher Westerner may be developing which will hopefully start to question their governments and the billions in Aid they send abroad each year to help prop corrupt governments and officials up and hopefully start to force the Aid to stop until it starts to proactively clean up its act and remove corruption from these thieves and vermin.