Eclipse premiere in Cebu (well it was for April and friends).

imageThe Twilight saga is something that women seem to love and guys hate. Bit like the barbie and action man. E.g. guys don’t get it that includes me! I can’t rate the movie as it seems too artistic and lacking in real story its definitly a chick flick but part of being in a relationship is going through the pains of doing some things that aren’t meant to be for you.

So off we went to Ayala meeting up with Mekai, Venice and Rubin (Rubin has also been kidnapped for the movie). We had an errand on route which resulted in heavy rain afterwards which meant a trip to buy a new shirt while at the mall. Which fitted in well with the 20 minutes we had to wait before the next time slot. The one thing I love about the Philippines cinemas are they are literally coins in comparison to UK. Last time I took Nicole to the cinema in Worcester UK it cost me over £30 (P2,200+) just for the tickets and popcorn and drinks. So even with a bad movie in the Philippines your not annoyed at wasting your money on the ticket unlike the UK. I remember my dad went to see the Blair witch project which as he said was the first time he has seen an entire cinema booing a movie! no doubt popcorn and drinks headed toward the movie screen as well. Anyway back on track we got all our food stocks and headed into the cinema which seems to be a concrete wall structure with sprayed ayala5concrete as it doesn’t look like its ever seen a paintbrush.Never mind though it does the job, settling down and watching the movie it was bare able for the first 40mins then it seemed to slow down from its already very slow pace. At which point I closed my eyes for 10 minutes. The CGI on the wolves was pretty good and I could see a much better story could have been developed with the rivalry between the main characters but then again it probably would lose the chick flick appeal and become the action man movie. Main thing is April and her friends enjoyed it but also means I can pick the next movie.. With the Imax newly opened maybe a trip to see Avatar as every review says its only worth watching in 3D.