Drifters Pub and Grill

Drifters Pub and Grill in Gaisano Country Mall

Drifters Pub and Grill is a bar and restaurant that is popular amongst American and European expats in Cebu City. Ownership has passed hands several times and Drifters is currently owned by a man from Negros Occidental named Carlos.


  • Fish and Chips


  • San Miguel
  • Heineken
  • Warsteiner


1st Floor, Gaisano Country Mall


Cebu City, Cebu 6000


Tel no.: (63-32) 231-2531, (63-32) 262-8834


1 comment for “Drifters Pub and Grill

  1. Tropicalpenpals
    December 20, 2010 at 2:16 am

    Agree with you totally on this the major problem is supply and demand. The demand is reducing the more people develop as its already over subscribed which makes me wonder how much longer can it continue at this rate. The observation on Boracay is something most people don’t see as they will assume wow it looks busy as the times they are there will be peak not realising the properties will be empty probably 30% of the time a year if not more. You only have to look at the resorts in Cebu and unless its Sinulog you can pretty much guarantee a room in any hotel on the island as being available at any time there are way too many resorts.

    On the other hand there is still opportunity here with the lower end of the market. Like the UK everything went for big or expensive, simple apartments on fixed rents are in high demand same as simple houses on rentals. Bed spacers is also something that will always have a large demand especially if its done to a high standard even though on a budget as most of the ones I have seen aren’t great. Partly why the new shipping container developments I am looking at can be profitable. A 20ft container costing around P50,000 housing 4 students at P1,500 each per month will probably cost P50,000 for conversion as the materials inside are all made to measure but also means its more like a UK holiday caravan than a container.

    P100k in expenses rental @ 6,000 per month very little maintenance costs due to design.
    Repayment in 17 months then its purely profit. Stacking another on top. Small investment but within a couple of years already looking at P12,000 a month without any real work. The city in Cebu has forgotten about its work force and providing accommodation for them.