Dreams and reality

I was on route back to my rented room thinking my biggest headache was my tenant that complained that the contractors hadn’t been out for the second time. But knew my wife was in good spirits after she got her new office chair today as she suffers with a bad back so hoping it would help resolve the problem. But then the bomb shell came when she explained that one of her workmates husband had been shot outside they’re home. Its the same thing I was discussing with a friend a few weeks back as its like the Cyclopes who was able to see the future but the curse was the fact they could see they’re own death and the number of people I have heard or seen die in the last few years is a lot more than I am willing to share. The curse of mine is the fact I know someone will try to take that risk I just don’t know when and I want to be prepared to be able to take the drop on them but then they are no doubt some low life paid some low coins while someone who has chosen me as an enemy has taken the big money.. nothing worse than not knowing your enemy and its something I have spent the last 12 months preparing for. Currently organising a few Kevlar vests to meet off the threat but with a climate so hot is it likely they will come when your prepared? The Philippines is a dream country but riddled with darkness of death as life is so cheap.