Dragon Palm Tree (plant)

Dragon palm - philippines plant

Not sure if to call it a tree or a plant. The ones we have here our largest is only around 4ft tall. But I wanted to mention the fact this little one here actually sprouted another 2 which I have transplanted into new pots. More of a palm for beautification than much else but thought its important to mention that you get trees, plants naturally occurring here in the Philippines regularly. More of a case to keep an eye out for new signs of growth as it may save you some cash if looking to expand your plants out as you may already have seedlings growing and you hadn’t noticed. I like the dragon palm as I also used to have one in the UK that lived near the fireplace. Doesn’t like too much heat or sun so recommend an area that gets a lot of indirect light. In this case its in a stairwell courtyard where its got constant light but no direct sun.