Down with another cold in Cebu

I can’t believe how many times I have been ill in the last 12 months also the difference between here and the UK. If I have a cold in the UK generally can work fine and continue to do so, but here it seems to knock the wind out my sails and a couple of days rest is needed. Although to be honest with the rain the last week I haven’t ventured far as simply I haven’t needed to. The priority is getting the cash together for the first shipping container conversion as a show piece of what we can do as well as help eliminate people’s obsession with them being too hot to live/work in. Also been looking at a solution for the third apartment by dropping two 20ft containers onto a concrete or steel frame then welding them together the reason being running through the figures of costs involved depending on the transportation (which is the issue because of the location being narrow) It could save as much as 50% on the construction costs. Its in an area that isn’t visually noticeable as you will literally be walking through a doorway the rest of the building is out of sight. The narrow street is the current issue and with the heavy rain in no rush to do it as we need to move the sari-sari while the work is on going because the temporary roof will need removed. So all in all this week going to take things easy got a few bids and quotes I need to throw together for our other site but besides that could do with a few days off. Was talking to April about it yesterday as we have worked continuously for over 12 months now and I haven’t even seen a beach in that time never mind visited one. Every time I head up into the mountains its been about land and investigating if its viable for access. So rest time is needed badly..