Don’t marry the first girl you meet in the Philippines!

Well don’t marry her that week at least! there have been so many failed relationships because of people not really understanding each other. But also the fact that a week later the guy suddenly meets someone he feels he is more attracted to or has more in common with.

Fact is there is no race! no rush! no need to marry today, tomorrow or even next year! You should spend time to understand and know each other first but also not commit to anything you may regret later.

(Before anyone asks I am happily married with no regrets – I am however talking about a lot of guys who have failed relationships).

An example of something going wrong was a guy I met complaining about his wife in Bohol emptying the bank account and suing him for the house (that is technically hers as its in her name). Guy is complaining like mad about how his wife is selfish and just after his money. Until he gets to the point he has been chasing skirt on a regular basis for months.

His wife is embarrassed by him as his attitude and regular engagement with other women shames her and her family. What would you expect her to do?

Guy wanted a single guys lifestyle while going home to a cooked meal by his wife, what did he expect?

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