Don’t give your girlfriend dollars then complain shes robbing you in the Philippines

Shanti houses in the Philippines - Photo by matt wilkieThe woman/Girl in your life has a high chance of living in a house similar to those showing in the photo. What does she need to survive a month? Well a lot of these people can survive on less than $30 a month they own virtually nothing and probably never will until you step into theyre lives. You meet a young girl on the internet very beautiful a bit nieve but fun to be round. You get to know each other than within a month or so someone is sick. A relative, parent, child it doesn’t matter but the facts will always be the same or maybe she can’t afford to goto school on a regular basis or afford the Jeepney fair even to the school so you being the thoughtful guy you are you dip deep and start sending a $100 or more each month to help her get by.

But what you don’t realise she is talking to several guys at the same time, she gets payouts of maybe 6 – 10 guys a week you are part of her cotton industry and internet dating is her mall and Yahoo or MSN is her office, wipe your feet on the way in because you may not have your shoes left when you leave. So what makes this woman who looks so fragile and weak so heartless and cruel? Look at the house what would you do to get out of it? Then their is the crab mentality as soon as she has found a great guy the parents, brothers, sisters all want a cut of you because your lifting the girl up and you either have to lift everyone or she will be dragged down to the bottom of the bucket with the rest of them. Are there real women out there? Of course there are but the majority have some bitter twisted money grabbing members of family that will take you for every cent you have if they have the chance and the girl/woman is obliged to put up with it to keep peace with the family member that helped them when they were growing up. Just don’t be so nieve. Dont invest in a family business, don’t give the girl taxis or anything else if your going to do it make sure YOU own it. There is no easy way of life in the Philippines even at the top they have a habit of killing each other around election times and if you’re at the bottom the chances of keeping your head above water nevermind surviving are even less. Don’t love the woman on the net as the woman you think she is, meet her to find out the woman she really is.