Dong Juan Restaurant – Guadalupe, Cebu, Philippines


dong juan restaurant, cebu, philippines

My wife April has been mentioning Dong Juan for a while to go and try it Ribsout and last night we were on a night out with friends which gave an ideal opportunity to drop by. The food prices are reasonable and the portions were fair. Although I did find the onion rings a bit too much on the batter and not enough on the onions. Service was a little slow but also shows its cooked from fresh rather than sat in a hot plate somewhere waiting for a customer. Everyone had a great time and was a good start to the evening before we headed on to Mooon Cafe which is a couple of minutes walk from the same location.

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What I liked about the restaurant was its compacted layout which made it a more homely feel and a nice ambient environment. No loud music just a nice location to meet up and eat. The staff were also quick on table service and plenty of staff in the restaurant. We will no doubt visit again and the fact it has a bit of a mixed menu makes it more appealing as you can pretty much find something on there that suit everyone’s tastes.


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  1. Roger
    June 18, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    I also tried there in Dong Juan when I visited March 2010, their new menu Pasta Trio is AWESOME