domestics intervene or not is the question

One thing we have had since arriving back is new neighbours at our house which unlike many I can put up with most things as simply I cut myself off to a lot of the daily noise of kids crying etc. but at least once a week arguing erupts in the house next door which it sort of resembles living next door to council estate tenants. Yesterday there was a lot of wall banging and due to kids being in the house I was going to drop round just to check they were ok. But as I went out I noticed the kids were in the garden as normally you can hear the oldest kid screaming at his step father to stop whatever is going on.. but just glad they were out of the house today.

The issue is what do you do when there is so much screaming and banging.. as im not 100% what is going on and its impossible to ignore due to the level of noise and crying.. What would you do?