DokiMusic (Band) Manila – Genre soul / pop / rock


General manager:  0918-9444200 (Smart) or 0927-2686828 (Globe)

Booking agent: (+632) 907-0414 (Mobile Landline)
Influences: Jazz, Soul, Rock, 90s music, OPM

When the pursuit to create good music + the desire for positive change + the will to get inspired from life’s challenges are shared by five talented musicians… you create DOKI.
After Dorica Puno, Jerold Rivera and Renmin Nadela perfomed at the group’s 1st official gig at Conspiracy Café with Cynthia Alexander in August 2009, they immediately felt the need to bring in two more guys to complete the lineup as a band. Performing at Rivermaya’s 70’s Bistro gig in December 2009, DOKI emerged as a band with Daniel Zetazate and Jeff Lucas, on bass and guitar respectively, to complete the lineup.
DOKI is Dorica Puno on vocals, Jerold Rivera on guitar, Daniel Zetazate on bass, Jeff Lucas on guitar and Renmin Nadela on drums.
Dorica is a prolific singer/songwriter; she is the daughter of legendary singer Rico J. Puno; she doesn’t play any instrument yet but she writes songs as fast as you can sing the ABC twice.
Jerold Rivera is influenced by alternative music and has a classical background in piano; he is currently learning how to guitar shred… watch out!
Daniel Zetazate is heavily influenced by alternative, funk & jazz; he is currently training to run the 10k marathon in December.
Jeff Lucas is a songwriter and a talented up and coming jingle composer; he wrote the songs, performed, recorded and defended his album thesis in college with relative ease.
Renmin Nadela is a founding member of 90’s band Yano; he formed the highly acclaimed rock band Agaw Agimat in 1994 and is half of its songwriting team; he is currently DOKI’s fitness consultant.
Together, they make music which is a hybrid of Soul, Pop, Rock… and more.
They desire to be part of the escalating voice of Original Pilipino Music today, and most importantly, share what they love to do best. They want their songs to be the soundtrack of every Filipino’s wish for change, positivism and a life of meaning and purpose.
In May 2010, DOKI released its 1st radio single “Harapin” and is now in the playlists of Jam 88.3, NU 107 and UR 105.9… the music video is now on MYX… more DOKI – DOKI – DOKI!
It’s time for DOKI… oki?
Kotobuki Soso
June 12, 2010




Jerold Rivera – guitar & backup vox
Daniel Zetazate – bass
Jeff Lucas – guitar
Dorica Puno – vocals
Renmin Nadela – drums

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