Doing one thing and saying another, is it damaging sexpats in the Philippines?

An odd thing occurred probably around 12 months ago now maybe longer when a blog appeared naming and shaming expats as sexpats at the same time taking some of it with a pinch of salt as something’s definitely are more about character assassination than things some people have actually done. A case of murder by association, at the same time I have asked some people what their connection is with Evan Iliadis as he seems to be on a bit of a crusade to rid the Philippines of sexpats although will admit several of the people on the wall of shame are not involved with anything untoward which is why I asked the others that I do know get up to things what their connection was to Evan Iliadis as someone must have started this all off at some point.

The term doing one thing and saying another comes about due to knowing of people who are complete opposites compared to the way they are during the day and online to what they do at night. I would expect these types of people have more to lose if they do exposed on the internet especially if caught in photos in the wrong places and with the wrong type of people. Because obviously many people may not be here full-time and will have jobs in other countries, photos being tagged with people in them are easy to find on the internet these days due to the way Google images works which could be damaging to their future employment. Bit of a cautionary tale to warn people to think of their actions before they undertake them as it could have long term consequences.