Does she really love you? – Being duped by bad Filipina’s in the Philippines

But she loves me that’s the most common thing that people will say when something goes pear-shaped she told me
she loves me. They put too much trust in somebody they haven’t met before they meet this girl online, very beautiful some of these give them a bit of flattery, bit of the old, you are so handsome. All this sort  of stuff and then later on things start to go sour.

Its grooming you know if you were doing it to a small child it’s what pedophile’s do. But these girls are doing it too to a lot of guys there’s a lot of the guys I will be honest with you. The West just doesn’t know where it wants to go a lot of the time when it comes to relationships and stuff. He wants equality but not equality. He wants women to have equal rights on everything but they want to also maintain the fact they have the children, the house,the car. So the West is a bit of a confusing thing a lot of guys, they are sort of displaced. So when you get a beautiful woman this that’s taking a lot of interest in you. She will talk to
you about stuff people normally tell you to shut up about, for example “I went fishing this weekend”,and they go “ooh where did you?”  They are taking an interest. Now i am not saying all women are like this, but it’s a hook.

Because what happens is you build this rapour relationship etc. on-line and in that transcends to the Philippines and
that transcending to the Philippines is normally where you start to see where the gaps starts to show between the real women and the fake women. But a lot of it you will actually even see before you even get that far.

When people start asking for money, my mother is sick and you’ve only been talking for an hour. Have a think who else do you know well, you don’t know who will walk up and say my mother is sick can you give us some money.

As soon as you get somebody like that there is a little tip I recommend it’s called delete and block. Just get rid of them, because I will tell you now they will talk around the whole subject and how they’re not asking for money they don’t really
want this but the whole point is they’ve engaged you in that conversation on purpose but the fact is when you go and say “why do I have to pay it?”.

They will manipulate it round. Trying to get it “well I am not really saying do this, do that” But then tomorrow they’ll be going oh I haven’t got enough money for bus fare for getting to work. They will  just try to squeeze money out of you. It’s just not worth it, just ditch them.
But when you get to the Philippines you’ll start to see these differences. The first one I would say is the money. Because a good woman will not expect you to spend money on them. They are not relying on you or shouldn’t be because it shows
no shame. What they should be doing is when you take her out for dinner or whatever, she’ll have dinner or whatever but she’s not expecting you to go out and buy her jewellery and things like that.

In fact when you try to do it they may actually turn around and say “No, we hardly know each other”.
etc and try to retract you a bit from over spending. these things are the things to look for.
The bad women will go, I would love a new handbag, I would love this, we have a leaky roof at the house.They will actually go expansive they wanna grab as much money while you’re there, and they will tell you how much they love you and all this sort of stuff. Everything you want to hear. Where you’ll find that most of the good women. The one’s that I know this is from my personal association will be very conservative they won’t say they love you or anything,they don’t know. They will take time
to get to that level because they’re not a teenager. But also they are well aware of all the scammers, everything online so they don’t want to be associated with it. So they will work very hard to be the complete opposite.

My father-in-law brought something up before when I take people out to the mall, me and the wife will go to the mall but you know take mother-in-law etc. We will have a family meal but my father-in-law when we first met wouldn’t go to the mall with us because he said he didn’t want to be the hangers-on because he see himself that you have the foreigner big grin on his face with a nice beautiful woman is in love with etc. and behind them is an entourage of about 12 people with all the shopping bags and everything thinking life can’t get much better than this. There are a lot of Filipinos aware of it and they find it as vulgar as we do or I do. Because it shows that people are extorting now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with taking everything
out for dinner I do it now and again but it’s when there’s an expectation or when it’s put on you in a manipulative way and the only way you can tell the differences is over time but I would say that just be looking for the small things.

Is your partner when you get there texting all the time? and she says “I am just texting my mother” Because there is a good chance there is a boyfriend in the background, or even a husband. When you leave, leave some money and see if it’s still there when you get back. Because there’s no reason for someone to touch it. But you just say “I’ve got some 7,000 pesos”.Can you just hold on to it. Because you’re not supposed to take the money out of the country etc. and see if it’s still there. If it’s not, if they stole P7,000 what they going to go with next time.

How do people look at you, you know, are you just the foreigner or is there more than that?

Are they happy to introduce you to everybody or are you in just a little bubble. Because if you’re in a little bubble it could be because there’s other stuff going on. Like you’re beautiful girlfriend’s husband and kids are in the same neighborhood and the mother and father-in-law allegedly don’t want to make themselves look stupid in their own community or so to be seen as being as bad as their daughter. So it’s a lot of little things you will pick up there just sitting in the back of your mind.You will be like, why are the neighbors kids always in the house? now you may find that quite funny.

But I know a woman who did this to five different foreigners she was marrying all of them she got them to move a house which she didn’t actually move house, she got them to buy the furniture five times, and the kids were all her’s will But she would say they were the neighbors kids but she lets them come around.lying through her teeth. But because she has put on such a bizarre, she doesn’t even care less because from a Western perspective a lot the time we feel something about it you know we would feel guilty or something. A lot of these people don’t, they couldn’t care less. They will make the crocodile tears later etc but the fact is a lot is not first generation could be third or fourth now. They are pushed into it, they have aunts, uncles,fathers, mothers etc. they are homing them in to rope a foreigner in or many foreigners in. I think the most I have seen for Western Union collection was someone with eight different Western Union collections from boyfriends. Now the only boyfriend she has been the one that was with her. The rest of them were robbed of their money. That’s why I say you just need to have a deep hard think on this stuff.

Like I said when she, the woman goes but she loves you, and you go to someone like myself but she told me she loved me be aware, That does she really? Do you know enough about her. What is that founded on? You’ve only met each other for a short period of time. etcetera love doesn’t happen overnight.
Now there is an instant attraction, I agree with that and there’s an instant connection. Because me and my wife hit it off straight away. But the fact is to love somebody takes time because you need to understand that person and it is often manipulated with something else like for example oh I love you, can I have a new car? or a new handbag or something or you bought a new handbag then they are all over you etc. then I think you have problems.

strongly advise just sit there and have a think. If you are not sure yourself just write the pros and cons on a bit of paper and
things that sit in the back of your mind or the positive aspects, maybe its just the way she is. But I find that’s very rare.

thanks for watching.