Does Philippines business understand the internet?

frustrationWith the technology advances in the world and the Philippines pushing for the number one spot in outsource business does the Philippines even understand the uses of the internet?

I am used to doing things online in the UK as you can pre-order, reserve and query pretty much anything you need but here in the Philippines it must be around 90% of websites don’t function more than to say “I am here”. Prime example of this was free membership to S+R warehouse which had a registration form that missed off its return email address. Contacting them in November about this I have never had a reply and never shopped there as it now costs P700 to join. The cost isn’t the issue but the fact if they had bothered to sort their website out I would now be a customer and how many others went through the same thing? While in the UK I ordered my wife a chair from a company in Manila, they had all the credit card setup (and made sure I was covered for fraud before I ordered) but they didn’t have any stock items after 2 weeks got a reply “no stock” and when enquired when the next stock is due for arrival the answer came back “don’t know”.

Permaculture is something I am also looking to develop here as I want to encourage it in Barangay’s as a small project especially in the mountain regions where there are good springs being under utilised. Contacting the people involved with that in Cebu has resulted in zero email responses.

Now it may not seem important except many businesses in the UK see at least 30% of their revenue done online but at the same time if I wanted a company in the Philippines to handle my online business I would question if they are capable or understand even the basics of good customer service and being prompt. As the saying goes lead by example.. I write on my blog nearly every day and respond to up to 50 emails a day its not done to generate revenue and responding to emails is purely down to good manners for  me so why is it companies here can’t do the same?

Its not just the small companies either as banks and telecommunication services are also terrible at basic services. Often not knowing what products they do or how to deal with enquiries efficiently. Its no attack on the Philippines mind but simply that business has taken a turn for the worse in the West where “putting the customer second” has materialised in many industries I know from personal experience that I won’t use any business I have fallen out with over the years and its a trait British people have not to forget issues they had with services and when an opportunity arises to change they do. This in turn I can see businesses waking up to the fact again customer service should be the priority for long term loyalties as most people generally want an easy life not wading through who is doing the best deal on insurance, electric, telephones, internet etc. they will happily stick with people with “GOOD SERVICE”. When that mentality does change it could adversely affect the outsource business as currently its model isn’t geared towards quality of service in the same way.