Do you need a fixer to sort out immigration in the Philippines for foreigners? (visa processing in the Philippines)

There is a lot of expats paying for services illegally or that they don’t need. The fact of the matter is you may have to wait up to an hour in immigration to get your visa processed but the advantage of getting it done yourself or via someone reliable to do it for you is that you know its been done. There are expats I know who have paid large amounts for things like a 13(a) visa but any checks by immigration would quickly find out its fake as they aren’t married to a Filipina for a start but also there is nothing to say the amount they paid to a fixer hasn’t just had a stolen card patched up with the details but nothing logged onto the computer system. In other words paying over P100,000 for a piece of plastic ID card that doesn’t do anything, because your status would still be on the system as a tourist etc. and assuming its sorted you would be an overstay/illegal. In reality you should learn to do the system yourself or someone who can be “trusted” to do it legally and properly. I have my 13(a) as well as worked through the process of doing the tourist visa every couple of months and although tedious its not the end of the world and its a lot more efficient than it used to be.

One of the things I have been thinking of doing is processing the documents for people if they either don’t want to do it or cautious of the immigration officials. So if you do need help or want it done for you for P500 I will either process it for you or assist you at immigration to learn the system. But please do not use fixers! it only encourages corruption and your paying for something you shouldn’t need to.

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