Do Philippines Women Like Indian Guys?

Its a question that crops up from time to time but in general I have yet to find any Philippines women having a problem meeting any nationality pretty much they are willing to meet all. The only strange exception was something I discovered back in the UK when a woman was telling me about friends who married men from black communities the reason being that she was explaining although “happily married” they never took the kids back to the Philippines because they had a problem of black and Filipino mixes of children. For me seemed really bizarre but she also went on to explain that many didn’t even send photos of the children home. Odd thing is I have met a couple of people from Filipino and black mixed couples and there is nothing wrong with the people I know. If anything culturally there may be a problem with obsession of people being white in the Philippines which causes the problem.

But as regards Indian guys like everyone else Philippines women are looking to settle down with a good husband who can provide and look after them so just as much chance of finding happiness as anyone else. What I have realised in recent years though is the mentality of many Indian women is becoming more and more westernised which is having a lot of guys find the possibilities of meeting the right Indian girl becoming more limited or in some cases impossible. Philippines women on the other hand are generally not interested in caste or any other issues and hang ups that affect Indian society but if looking to settle down with a woman from the Philippines be aware that if your going to live in India how will your family accept your wife. I know many families are proud and strict on mixed marriages as its just as much a problem for westerners who marry into Indian families as anyone else.

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  1. Evilius
    October 27, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    Black is not beautiful in Philippines and the groceries have whole sections of whitening cream that many woman use so much that they actually loose their pigmentation and never can go outside in the sun again. I have seen black men with Philippinas but it is a rare sight in Cebu City.