Do Philippines blogs make money?

When I first started TropicalPenpals on WordPress I noticed a lot of blogs started to sprout up everywhere but a lot of the chatter going on was how do we make money out of this? One of the main factors on blogs or websites which works for or against you is content and time. The longer your site is online the more likely it will get high rankings purely because its already near the top to start due to being online for several years. Content is always important as well as having a site about Cebu then spending most of your time writing articles about fishing could affect how people see your site. How many times have you had a site that said one thing on Google then when you visited it you instantly go somewhere else? So making money for me on Philippines blogs was never a priority and something many people assume people are making lots of money on. But indirectly there are ways to make money. Doing tour operations, organising vehicles, purchases/sales of houses etc. etc. that is where a blog can come into its own and something a lot of people forget. I often wonder why so few people tap into for their advertisements and articles as promotion on here has an instant audience that are likely customers of any service that most people can provide. But at the same time I would expect that quality of service is paramount to making it work for everyone. The other thing is I am happy to expand my Blogging out to other writers who are willing to write anything from one article to hundreds as for me the whole point of TropicalPenpals was not money but simply information in one place making life easier for all. How much does TropicalPenpals make? It pays for its own web domain and its own web space as well as able to offer web space for other bloggers and websites. There are several advertisement streams in TropicalPenpals that do make revenue every month and its generally put back into the system. E.g. and were paid for out of Paypal from payments for one of my advertisement streams. In total TropicalPenpals makes less than $1,000 a year which if you way up the amount of time I spend on it there would be less than $1 for every hour spent writing on here as often I well spend upto 14 hours trying to alter things or doing new designs like the latest logos and template which I think are a big improvement on the last one.

Important thing to remember is blogging is for fun or giving information try not to look at it as a business as you may get disappointed with the results it gives in return. But at the same time doesn’t have to be a total failure as things like the Thank You emails make everything worthwhile.