Do I seem too critical on the Philippines?


I was reading an article I wrote on the Philippines back in 2008 when everything was new and great. But what changed? as some people find I may be a bit sour on things in the Philippines but its about “experience and knowledge” in the years that went on I seen the Philippines with all its warts. I seen people betray each other as if they had just met who were friends from childhood. I experienced false allegations and criminal cases put against others for political reasons. I seen the worst and best of both worlds. During typhoon Haiyan, just after the earthquakes that rocked our worlds I made the decision that the Philippines isn’t as safe, wonderful and new as it was in 2007. It was a country that refuses to change and although stagnant with corruption and a lack of motivation to change it wasn’t going to be where my kids took the same mind set.
I was brought up with a work ethic and I can thank my father for that, I was brought up to respect others and to help those around me. Yet in the Philippines I found a lot of it was on the surface. Promised words but not a lot else, most of the stuff I did and do for people I have never published or talked about but I know I put many people back on the right track after things falling apart around them. Don’t ask for praise just the fact is I know how it feels when things go wrong which is partly why I help as everyone needs someone they can rely on.
Which gets me back to my point, after seeing the fear in peoples eyes of the earthquake as everyone scrambled to the field and I ran into the house to get the children who were under a table with their nanny. I thought what if I wasn’t here? what if the building wasn’t built to the specs we went to and instead that of what locals think they can get away with skimming from? (reducing re-bars, stealing the money from concrete and adding extra sand). This was then followed up by the typhoon that wiped out the North of the island of Cebu. I seen people helping people and seen politicians hoarding and stealing. Getting there I seen people’s faces of knowing they weren’t forgotten as aid was given to people all over the place, roads congested by people traveling from the South to help their people in the North. Private cars, private funded aid from pay cheque’s and companies. Giving aid that day I must have heard “thank you” from hundreds of people who lost everything and I still remember some of their faces.
Moving to Europe my family will never have to worry about losing everything in the same way as people did in the North of Cebu. My kids will have work ethics and realise that speaking out is the only way to change their country. They will not have the fear of kidnappings at university dorms. They will have a passport that can give them the world.
For me I get peace of mind knowing my family are always safe. I get to know that the most important journey we had to make is now complete. I get to know that although my wife and kids have connections with the Philippines they are not tied with the negativity that can hold them back in life. I can relax and chill out.. and if you wonder why I grumble so much about the Philippines its because I love the country but its riddled with corruption and pollution but worse of all its riddled with a false sense of pride that is used by politicians to stop you changing the country for the better.