Do foreign women find Filipino men sexy?

Its not a topic often discussed anywhere I have seen on the internet and understanding that a lot of people in the West had no real interest in or information on the Philippines until Pac-man hit the boxing scene in a big way and a few emergency events happened on Luzon such as a Volcano erupting. But I noticed before I left the UK when a female friend of mine was looking at my Airsoft photos how she was picking out some of the best looking guys of the bunch. Because there are a lot of athletic males here if they are kept away from the Tanduay and Red horse beer. As although lechon Baboy (BBQ Pig) is a big part of what people love well.. pork generally! a lot of the time its fish and other food on the shopping list due to the budget restraints. As well as there are plenty of people here who like to keep fit and why not? hot weather, basketball on every street corner, badminton and tennis courts are all within reach due to the numbers of resorts in the area. Fitness is a part of life so do foreign women find Filipino guys sexy ? I think they can do at the same time its more survival of the fittest. A lot of people would say “ I go for personality” but what if you got personality and a guy with a beer belly or a guy that was naturally athletic as well wonder who would meet the grade?