Do filipinos hate americans?

I came across this subject rather randomly on YouTube while looking at something else. Seems the survivalist community and others assume people will hate Americans if the Dollar trade economy collapsed. If people hated Americans they would do already, but like most things people are aware people are simply people! What countries get upto with goverments and corporations etc. is out of the control of the average American or anyone else from another country. As such locals don’t blame random people for the problems caused by the U.S. foreign policy but do blame America as a “country”.

I wanted to make this very clear as it does seem some people are very paranoid. But in the Philippines all foreigners are simply foreigners although people call everyone “Kano”. They often can’t tell the difference between an American and someone from anywhere in Europe. Even the newspapers will report “Foreigner” when relating to things Japanese and Korean people have been upto.

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