Do Filipinos get offended by me? East Meets West!

To be honest its probably the other way round as I find the acceptance of defeat to easy to get hold of in the Philippines. Look at today’s issue with the artist nailing a penis to a cross being shut down in Manila in the UK guess what its more likely nobody goes to the exhibition because its boring! If anything things have played into the artists hands as he can thank the church for now making him world famous.

But it doesn’t stop there when I discuss corruption even with the people doing it directly the first reaction is laughter and to try and hide it. The shame is always in asking in the first place not after and this is the difference between East and West and why the mix of oil and water goes on between expats and Filipinos as many things are unacceptable in western culture as corruption for example goes against morals the depth that makes society and humanity in the west. Acceptance is a real failing for a westerner as its giving up to enslavement an acceptance of dominance by others.

Odd thing is I don’t know if Filipinos get offended as nobody would tell me yet I like debates and explaining points of view rather than talking behind peoples backs or making excuses. Culturally I can understand many people locally prefer to be invisible or to avoid conflict but I often find it hard to deal with my own governments misgivings never mind the West calling the Philippines the basket case of Asia, is this acceptable?

In the UK its pretty much finished for years to come yet in the Philippines there is arrogance stopping it growing and developing. The “if you don’t like it leave” mentality exists and often many do leave and don’t come back. When they should be opening the doors because the sending millions abroad to work is going to end in the next 10 years as African nations are more stable as well as China developing rapidly. Like the West the Philippines is pricing itself out of the market and without reason. I see wasted money being poured down the sewer of consumerism that could shape the Philippines into a real power. Strong education,infrastructure and a welcoming smile to investors instead of corruption, checking a wallet for exploitation and dumbing down the population.

Odd thing is I will always be smiling as I adapt with the markets, if the Philippines doesn’t change I am sure India is looking forward to my arrival and a beautiful house awaits. For many retirees its Panama and Costa Rica, the Philippines needs us as the current trend in downturned markets may find many Filipinos living it up abroad including rich ones may not be welcome in the future. Look at Libya and the lovely houses the dictator USED to have in London. I am sure Hawaii may not be such a sunny place to disappear to in the future.