Do Filipino girls think Indian men are sexy?

More importantly do Filipino women have any issues with Indian men when it comes to marriage? In all honesty from the women I have met and the people I know from all over the world I have yet to hear of a Filipina pick a guy purely on race in fact their main concern is a “good husband” as most girls main concern is family over everything else not creed or colour. There are many Indian’s already residing in the Philippines especially with the growth of the outsourcing industry but also from the 5/6 money lenders who have been here for many generations. In reality if your a good guy capable of taking care of your wife and children with a good stable income your just as likely to find a partner as anyone else.

So what brought this question up? Recent discussions with a friend of mine came about the fact he is worried the way India is changing as it becomes more Westernised society becomes less structured on family first and more about iPhones and status. From his point of view I understood very well as its the materialistic life I have no interest in myself but can see the Western obsession. Putting family at the back of the queue which is now seeing a greater and greater number of single parents in the UK year on year due to marital breakups or in many cases just a one night stand. The strength of marriage can still be found in many Filipina’s and its why I think more and more guys are looking to come here to find a partner. In Korea its gone Western as well and one of the biggest reasons the guys come here is rejection by females, this is caused by a very mothered nature in South Korea where the girls don’t want to be a mother or a baby sitter they want a husband and a man. So these disconnected guys have started coming to the Philippines.

So do Filipina women find Indian men sexy? I would say like anywhere on the planet its a preference choice at the same time I would say the chances of meeting a match here is higher and acceptance is also high. The big problem may be will your family accept you not marrying from your same caste and in fact someone likely outside your religion unless your Catholic never mind from a different country.

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  1. Anonymous
    September 23, 2011 at 3:35 am

    thank you for ask……

  2. Camille Magbitang
    December 21, 2011 at 2:20 am

    I’m a Filipina and I find Indian men really sexy and attractive. Specially the dark skinned. I met a lot of Indian guys here on our place they are sweet and romantic. Someone you could really fall inlove with. I would probably want to married an Indian men one day 🙂