Disputes amongst expats

Even before I arrived in the Philippines it became very apparent a lot of expats don’t get on with each other. I often look and wonder why are people arguing as most of the disputes are so trivial. I am quick to give opinions but that is the way I am I will give it then its over and done with I can’t be bothered to hold a grudge and to be honest I haven’t got the interest. There are small groups of expats which you will find worth knowing and generally you filter people out as you go. Not because you have an issue with anyone but simply views and ways of life differ from your own. The big problem is a lot of people don’t accept they are different to others and more importantly they don’t accept they aren’t perfect. Everyone is here for different reasons and more importantly should just get on. You may not like someone but at the end of the day does it really matter? I have people I have met who I talk to in passing yet I don’t socialise with doesn’t mean I have an issue with them just that we aren’t from the same circles. Same as when people talk behind other peoples backs as simply not only is it unconstructive often more than not its untrue and damaging to the person they have an issue with. I’m not on about myself by the way I just know someone who has lost several contracts and people due to something that another expat was quick to spread and talk about. But at the same time if someone tells you something about another your thoughts should be would they be so quick to turn on you?

I am here to develop business and pass on knowledge as well as learn from other successful expats. If your not wanting to fall into those categories then it doesn’t mean I have a dispute with you but simply our opinions are likely to differ as there is a good chance you don’t want any of the headaches but at the same time be aware of the negative impact you can reflect on others especially when its unfounded. The person who lost the contracts by the way I help found new ones and at no charge because simply its an expat helping out another.

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  1. Matt Wilkie
    April 1, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    Know exactly what you mean.. 🙂