Differences between Catholics and Protestant

Something that crops up being in a Catholic country often is “are you Catholic?” for which the answer always comes back “no, I’m Protestant”. Problem is everyone says oh that’s the same as being a Catholic which then gets me pondering does anyone ever look outside their own religion here? When I was travelling around the world with my father and the rest of my family as my father was on military service we had RE every week. Which is Religious Education, in that we seen the Catholics would be extracted and wonder off with nuns to be taught differently while we were opened up to religions from around the world. I always found it odd that the Catholics got separated in such a way as simply wouldn’t it be more appropriate to open their minds to the world rather than turn a blind eye to other religions? Because lets face it if your a real Catholic you spend a lot of time in the Church anyway so an hour a week studying other religions broadens the mind but it won’t do any damage to someone’s faith unless they didn’t believe in the first place.

Anyway for those wondering the differences between Catholics and Protestant I have posted the table below.

Catholic - Prodestant differences

Another important thing though when looking down the list above is that for me personally I find that being a Protestant offers a more responsible deal in religion as a person. I can’t get forgiveness for sins which if a strong believer should mean I am unlikely to commit any as I can’t repent. No Purgatory also means if your bad in life your going to hell rather than a last minute gamble on if you will be forgiven at the gates of hell which would mean I am less likely to commit an act that would cause such a situation to arise. But more importantly its scripture only which also means that man’s manipulation to exploit religion isn’t as likely to happen in the same way as things like interfering in the health bill currently as that has nothing to do with religion. Overall a Protestant differs mainly on one thing the belief is based on your interpretation of the bible and yours alone.