Did Philippines President Aquino sell the spratly islands?

Antonio Trillanes has put the cat amongst the pigeons this week initially relating to documents he claimed were Duterte’s banking information. Yet this was swiftly denied by the BPI as all documentation is not “compliant” with the Bank’s own documentation. But due to the bank’s name being dragged into the politics of the Philippines presidential election by Trillanes they have put forward a statement :-
The domino effect however has started to bring Antonio Trillanes into questions relating to his own integrity due to meetings with the Chinese over the disputed Spratly islands. During an attempted overthrowing of the Philippines government in 2003 where Navy Lieutenant Senior Grade Antonio Trillanes and Former Marines Captain Nicanor Faeldon where involved.
The problem for Trillanes recently however is Faeldon has now begun being vocal on events relating to the Scarborough Shoal and Spratly islands.
In a press conference yesterday, Faeldon asked Trillanes to explain his numerous trips to China shortly before Panatag or the Scarborough Shoal was controlled by the Chinese in 2012.
He also repeated his claim that Trillanes solicited and received money from Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos which was delivered to Trillanes while they were detained at the ISAFP detention cell in 2004.
“I was about to go to Scarborough and stay there with a lot of fishermen in 2012. I am also challenging you Mr. President, you called me up twice and stopped that voyage. Eh anong nangyari sa Scarborough? That is May of 2012. That is because of you, Sonny, ”
The video below is related to Trillanes in the Philippines senate being asked to explain his involvement and what the meetings were about with China.
For me I question what has been going on? We are being told that the Philippines is defending itself against China yet it seems to have other things going on with its existing leaders that may have already cut private deals.