Did I make the right decision to move to the Philippines?

I find sometimes you will question judgement based on then and now, when I first met my wife and decided to make the plunge I was a high earning engineer/surveyor with stable income (although contract based) and in demand. These days I am still gaining requests for contracts but did I leave the UK too soon?

In all honesty I love my work my daughter in the UK Nicole as well as my family there but the problem is for me the life there just seemed to be going in free fall. Everything I wanted in life which for most is a home, nice car, stable income and wonderful family were no longer there for me. I looked at the house prices in 2007 and refused to pay what the going rate was as it made no sense people were being sold on a dream that the market can only go up. My family life around my daughter Nicole involved weekends when it suited my ex which for me would involve 10hrs of driving over the weekend just to spend a few hours with my daughter at the same time realising my influence as a father was declining due to external affects within my ex’s family. You start to wonder what life holds for you and what you want in life. A mortgage for 25years isn’t one for me and having a splintered access to my daughter was not one I wanted either. For me to be a father I need to be there when she wants me not when it suits my ex. Which only leaves work in the UK and although I love it and enjoy working hard I am realistic some day I would wake up and wonder what I did with my life so I chose the Philippines.

Here in Cebu I have a wonderful wife and two fabulous children as well as a strong family base with my inlaw’s. Don’t get me wrong my parents are great as well just that the circumstances are different. Here I find people support me in everything I do which has slowly started to see our world develop around us to a brighter future, could the UK offer the same? We bought a parcel of land for £4,000 how much would nearly 400sqm cost in the UK maybe £40,000? What about building properties we have an internet cafe and an apartment already constructed as well as a sari-sari store 3 buildings would cost how much in the UK maybe £100,000 but here around £10,000 in reality payback may be slower but at the same time so are taxes the Philippines gives a lot to people who have enough finances to secure a long-term future think short term and you will be like so many others here looking for your exit flight out. Everything here takes time and its one thing I do have as I am hoping at some point my daughter will be old enough to travel to the Philippines herself under her own choices..

As I look at the UK today I have seen hundreds of thousands of government jobs go, rioting in London by students because of tuition fee hikes but guess what this isn’t the end of it this is the beginning. The UK has lost its foothold since the 50s and has been living on borrowed time ever since the Labour Government that was thrown out in disgrace at the last election had only accelerated the process with its “fake” employment figures by creating a boom out of spending taxpayers money on government projects.

Will I return to the UK? Without a doubt I will do but I doubt to live as it has no shine to it anymore. Poor immigrant regulations, high unemployment, over taxation and over pricing pretty much tells me I made the right decision and I won’t be in any hurry to reverse it. If I work for a year in the UK I can build 1 – 2 apartments here in the Philippines giving me £200 a month income easily thing is that is enough to live on and we already have more than that coming in. But the future for me is developing one for our children so they don’t go through the problems that many others face.