Did I make the right decision moving to the Philippines?

Its a question many people ask after some things go wrong and generally because the same things are things that shouldn’t be abused in the first place. Prime example a friend of mine took his kids to “The First Chinese Acadamy” along the SRP and discovered he was paying double the fees for his kids simply because he was a foreigner and they assumed they can get away with it. The last few days there has been small scale protests and some buildings damaged to do with university fees being hiked rediculously high. A principle at one of the top universities said when asked about the affect of the protests “its business as usual”. That is exactly it “ITS BUSINESS AS USUAL” not a responsibility as an educator to educate but to make as much money as possible out of people at the same time once they graduate no doubt will ask the students for the rest of their lives to “donate” or assist in things. Remember that when your school comes calling for money “It’s business as usual”. Its a similar discussion I had with April yesterday when Zoei starts school because I will be donating nothing and paying exactly the same as the other parents if they don’t I would rather put Zoei into a poorer government school and invest the Fees in developing the school. Im not feeding some fat cat principles pockets and anything I did invest would be heavily monitored to make sure it did go where its needed and it definitly won’t involve handing over money. I want to help the people in my community at the end of the day and I will help where I can. I could easily move into a sub-division and sit pretty looking down on others but that just isn’t me. For a start I love all the kids in my neighbourhood.. well nearly all of them..lol they have a hard life and have very little some are even working pushbikes with a side cart for passengers but you will always get a smile. On top of that like the Fiesta they were very appreciative that I did their Youtube videos with them dancing. As time goes on in the Philippines you arrive thinking “I will help the Philippines” eventually it gets down to just your neighbourhood because the problems are so vast but also the responsibility is not yours.

Do I think I made the right or wrong decision? Moving to the Philippines was a decision I originally done on the fly just to be with my wife. Now nearly 3 years on the dust is starting to settle we have a steady income and apartments starting to rise from the ground. Could I do the same in the UK would be the question I would ask you? Could you buy a 1 bedroom apartment for £3000 or more like £90,000 in Worcester? Point being if I worked 4 months in the UK I could build 2 apartments giving me an income of £200 a month every month for the rest of my life. Do 4 months a year it soon could see literally earnings of over £2000 a month within another 4 years. Some of you may think £2000 isnt a lot of money but you can literally live on less than £150 a month. I would like to progress into exporting but due to the problems with customs etc. here I am going to look in Taiwan once my budget is enough to send by container load. There is too much headaches here at the moment getting the quantities out much easier to go for a country that is geared up for it. I will in the future try to develop exports out of the Philippines but I won’t hold my breath as its going to be a long uphill struggle.

Besides the money mentally in the Philippines I am a lot more relaxed and no doubt it will extend my life expectancy. I have a great wife and my mother and father in-law are pretty sound. The only real issue I have is the thorn in my side the old aunt but time will see if she reappears out of the woodwork. I can get up when I want, sleep when I want and generally look at ways to make money in my spare time. We have a sustainable and growing income and the more free time I have the more ideas we have to increase our potential. I know it isn’t the same for a lot of others but it could be.