Designing your home in the Philippines

imageMost people I come across are either renting or building a home in the Philippines, if your renting this post isn’t really important but if your building you might find using useful for ideas. I have spent a few month collating different homes from around the web from everywhere from locations all over the world that would fit into local abilities and materials. Some are a bit more complicated and expensive than others in design but they are mainly for inspiration and ideas rather than carbon copying.

If you take the house in the photo for example its in Malaysia utilizing garden spaces as well as solar energy for around 30% of its energy consumption which for most people here would cover the essentials during a power cut. Also the design used you could easily see in a sub division here in the Philippines without really noticing the differences externally as its inside it looks completely different.

Clicking on the photo will open up its link within the where you can see the other images from around the home. Like I said though the website is for ideas in the same way you can see something you like then point it out to an architect as it will give them something to work from.

Quick post on this today as houses cropped up this afternoon, although we are suffering with bad weather and intermittent internet connection today.