Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) takes a hard stance on bad taxi drivers and started a telephone hotline!

The tables are being turned on the taxi drivers who personally I have experienced demanding extra payments, refusing to go to my province as well as things like conveniently “forgetting” to put the meter on. Its about time something was done about it as I would say personally about 40% of the taxi drivers I have met have done something that annoyed me to do with trying to extort extra money. So if your experiencing problems you can now call :-

7890 or text 0918-8848484

DOTC spokesman Undersecretary Dante Velasco said they have been receiving such complaints every year.

Velasco said many of the complaints involve cabbies who refuse to accommodate passengers whose destinations are out of the cabbies’ preferred routes.

The other complaints involved cabbies who force their passengers to agree to a pre-arranged fare.

Velasco stressed the DOTC will enforce strict measures against cabbies who engage in such practices, the report said.

Remember the license plate.. a good piece of advice is always take the registration and text it to a friend. This reduces the risks of something bad happening when the driver is aware of what your doing.